Stanford University has launched an entire course solely dedicated to Taylor Swift's famous song, "All Too Well (Ten Minute Version)". The course, called All Too Well (Ten Week Version), aims to offer an in-depth analysis of the lyrics of the hit song, which has been loved by fans for years.

Taylor Swift
Image credits to taylorswift / Instagram

According to a report by PEOPLE, the course is part of the school's “ITALIC 99” program, which offers an introduction to various topics led by program alumni. The program offers unique courses each quarter that are focused on hands-on learning, such as travel sketching, watercolor, music composition, improv acting, animation, and digital art, among many others.

Taylor Swift has been the subject of various music-related courses in different schools across the world. In February 2022, the New York University Clive Davis Institute announced a three-month class that discussed the singer's life and legacy. It also covered the "politics of race in contemporary popular music."

In addition to Stanford University's All Too Well (Ten Week Version), there is another undergraduate course titled The Taylor Swift Songbook being offered at the University of Texas in Austin, and Taylor Swift's Literary Legacy course at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.

Taylor Swift released the 10-minute version of All Too Well in 2021, nine years after the song was originally released as part of her Red album. The song quickly became a fan favorite due to its raw emotion and relatable lyrics.

Swifties, the name for Taylor Swift fans, can now enroll in the course at Stanford University to learn more about the song's meaning and symbolism, and to explore the singer's lyrical abilities. The course promises to offer a unique and insightful perspective on one of Swift's most beloved songs.