Popular Filipina actress and comedianne, Rufa Mae Quinto, recently admitted to struggling with speaking English while living in America. The star, who is currently residing in the United States with her husband, Trevor Magallanes, and their daughter, Athena, revealed that she often relies on Google to explain her profession to English-speaking individuals.

During an episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” that aired earlier this week, the host asked Rufa about her life in America. While the actress shared that she enjoys living a more normal life in the US, she admitted that she misses being able to communicate easily in Tagalog with her friends and family in the Philippines.

Rufa went on to share that she becomes nervous and her hair turns white whenever she has to speak English. When asked how she handles questions from English-speaking individuals about her profession, Rufa revealed that she often tells them to Google her.

Rufa has been residing in the US since the start of the pandemic but travels back to the Philippines for work. Despite her difficulties with English, the actress remains a popular figure in both the Philippines and the US.

Fans of the actress have praised her for her honesty and candidness about her struggles with the English language. Many have taken to social media to share their own stories of struggling to communicate in a foreign language.

Rufa’s admission also serves as a reminder that language barriers can be challenging, but they should not hold individuals back from pursuing their dreams and passions.

While language barriers can be difficult, Rufa’s story shows that with a little creativity and humor, it’s possible to navigate them. The actress has not let her struggles with English stop her from pursuing her career, and her fans continue to support and admire her for it.

Rufa’s story also sheds light on the experiences of many immigrants who face similar language barriers when moving to a new country. It serves as a reminder of the importance of inclusivity and understanding in our communities, and the need for support and resources to help those who are struggling to adapt to a new culture and language.

Despite her difficulties, Rufa remains optimistic and grateful for her life in the US. She enjoys the normalcy of her everyday routine, and cherishes the time she spends with her family. And while she may struggle with English, she continues to entertain audiences in both the Philippines and the US with her infectious humor and talent.