Miley Cyrus' highly anticipated eighth studio album 'Endless Summer Vacation' is finally available for streaming and downloading starting March 10, Friday. Fans across the world have been eagerly waiting for the album release, which features 13 tracks, including her lead single, 'Flowers,' and a demo version of the same track.

Miley Cyrus
Credits to: Miley Cyrus / Instagram

For fans in the United States, the album was released simultaneously regardless of time zone. It dropped at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time on the east coast, while those on the west coast were able to listen and download the album starting at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time on March 9.

Cyrus recorded the album in Los Angeles with renowned producers Kid Harpoon, Greg Kurstin, Mike WiLL Made-It, and Tyler Johnson. The album's tracklist includes a collaboration with singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile on 'Thousand Miles' and pop sensation Sia on 'Muddy Feet.'

To add to the excitement, Cyrus also released a new music video for 'River,' which she describes as "a dance floor banger." In a recent interview, Cyrus revealed that the song is inspired by a personal and emotional time in her life.

Cyrus said that her songs tend to progress and develop over time. She gave an example of a song that began as a reflection of a difficult period, but eventually evolved into a celebration of love. "It just felt like it was an April shower, it never stopped raining," she said, "but then it started raining down love."

The music video for 'River' features Cyrus in a sleek, black leather outfit with choreographed dancers in a dimly lit club setting.

'Endless Summer Vacation' is Cyrus' follow-up to her 2020 album 'Plastic Hearts' and promises to be another hit for the singer. Fans who have been waiting for Cyrus' new music can now download or stream the album on their preferred platforms.

With the release of 'Endless Summer Vacation,' Cyrus hopes to showcase her versatility as an artist and create a different sound from her previous albums. She has been teasing the album on social media for the past few months, building up the excitement for her fans.

The album's release also comes just in time for Cyrus' upcoming concert series, 'Miley Cyrus Presents Stand by You,' which will be a Pride Month special on NBC's streaming platform, Peacock.

Fans can now immerse themselves in Cyrus' new music, which promises to be a perfect soundtrack for summer. With her powerful vocals and unique style, 'Endless Summer Vacation' is sure to be another hit for the multi-talented singer.