Oyster bar Wantusawa in Poblacion, Makati has temporarily closed its shop following reports of food poisoning from diners. The closure was made in compliance with Makati City Hall’s mandate to await water and oyster testing before resuming operations.

Wantusawa oysters
Credits to Wantusawa FB page

The restaurant has been carrying out maintenance work and repairs in the meantime to improve the quality of service they provide. Wantusawa’s Facebook page was flooded with complaints in January from diners who alleged that they had contracted food poisoning after eating at the restaurant.

In response, the establishment released a statement claiming that laboratory tests conducted on their oysters turned up negative for bacteria, clearing the possibility of any food poisoning.

Wantusawa opened its Poblacion restaurant in 2018 and has been serving oysters to its patrons. However, the recent incidents of food poisoning have prompted them to undertake repairs and improvements in their establishment.

The safety and well-being of customers should always be a top priority for restaurants, and this incident serves as a reminder for businesses to take all necessary precautions to ensure the quality and safety of their food. Wantusawa has yet to announce the date of their reopening.