The United Nations aid chief, Martin Griffiths, has appealed to the world to remember the thousands of people in need of shelter and food following the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria. On Saturday, February 11, Griffiths spoke to families who have been left homeless and hungry by the quake and emphasized that he was there to make sure that these people were not forgotten.

I am here to make sure these people are not forgotten,” Griffiths told reporters.

Martin Griffiths
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During a news briefing in the Turkish province of Kahramanmaras, Griffiths praised Turkey’s response to the disaster as “extraordinary” and praised the courage of the first responders who have been working around the clock to search for survivors. He acknowledged that the disaster was a worst event in 100 years for the region and said that he was launching a three-month operation to help pay for the costs of the operations in both Turkey and Syria.

However, rescuers in opposition-held areas have criticized the United Nations and the international community for not responding quickly enough to the urgent needs there. Griffiths also told Reuters that he hoped aid would reach both government and opposition-held areas in Syria, but the situation was not yet clear.

The UN aid chief has also appealed to the world to remember the thousands of people affected by the earthquake and to provide the necessary support to help them through this difficult time. The situation in the affected regions remains critical, and the international community must come together to provide aid and support to those who need it most.