London was in for a fashion spectacle at the Brit Awards 2023 that happened last Saturday, Feb 11 as singer Sam Smith made a striking appearance in a black latex outfit. Designed by Harri, the one-of-a-kind jumpsuit, complete with inflatable arms and legs, had the audience and social media talking.

San Smith Black Latex Outfit
Photo courtesy of Isabel Infantes / Getty Images

Despite some taking to social media to compare the look to Billy Connolly’s “incontinence pants” and make jokes about UFOs, others were in a tizzy, unable to shake off the recollection of David Bowie’s legendary pinstripe jumpsuit with billowing legs, masterfully crafted by Kansai Yamamoto.

According to Harri, the designer behind the statement piece, the look was meant to celebrate the natural form and “the beauty of being one’s self.” They added that the creation was a response to the recent hate comments directed towards Smith after the release of “Unholy,” regarding the singer’s body image.

It’s clear that Smith’s stylist, Ben Reardon, played a significant role in the singer’s stunning fashion choices. Smith took to Instagram to praise Reardon, calling him “unprecedented” in their life and thanking him for reintroducing them to art and creativity.

In a night filled with memorable fashion moments, Sam Smith’s black latex outfit was undoubtedly the standout look, capturing the attention of the crowd and continuing to spark conversation online.

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