The world is about to witness a new chapter in the life of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg popularly known in his YouTube screen name “PewDiePie” and his wife Marzia Bisognin reveal the exciting news of their first child on the way. The famous couple, who married in 2019 on their eight-year anniversary, now anticipate the birth of their first child.

PewDiePie soon to be dad
Photo courtesy of PewDiePie / Instagram

PewDiePie kept this news a secret from his 111 million subscribers to preserve his family’s privacy. But in a recent, emotional video, the YouTuber announced the couple’s exciting news. “I’m gonna be a dad,” he said. “We found out Marzia’s pregnant in November, and I’m just so grateful everything’s been going smoothly.” Despite Marzia dealing with sickness, PewDiePie praises her as an “absolute champ.”

The arrival of their first child marks another chapter in the couple’s lives as a family, who share a space in their home with their beloved new addition. The two first crossed paths when Marzia discovered PewDiePie’s YouTube channel through a friend, leading to her emailing him about finding his videos entertaining. They’ve been together since late 2011 and remain one of YouTube’s favorite power couples.

Fans of PewDiePie couldn’t be more thrilled with the news from their idol. For over a decade, they’ve followed his journey and now, with the reveal of a new arrival, they can’t wait to see what content he and his family will bring.

Watch the video posted by PewDiePie in his channel below:

Video Transcript:

0:01I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys

0:03and that is I’m gonna be a day we found

0:07out that Marzia is pregnant first in

0:09November and I’m just so thankful

0:11everything’s been going well so far I am

0:13sitting very comfortably waiting for

0:16um Marzia because she’s at the clinic

0:18she’s doing her Echo today although

0:21emergency has been dealing with the

0:22sickness she’s been taking it like an

0:24absolute champ are you tired we got a

0:27pretty girl over here

0:29so yeah I’m gonna be a dad I’m so

0:32excited it’s kind of strange to me it’s

0:34entering new territory but I feel really

0:37ready and so does Marcia it’s strawberry

0:41season not just in Japan but also for

0:43America who has been craving

0:45strawberries during her entire pregnancy

0:46I feel like that’s lunch breakfast


0:49I just feel so lucky to start a family

0:51with the woman I love and I know

0:53whatever is ahead of us together we can

0:55do it


0:58I was really fortunate to have great

1:00parents growing up so I want to pass on

1:02what they gave to me and we’re so happy

1:05for you and my system was loving and

1:08caring person I know so I have

1:10absolutely no doubt she will be an

1:11amazing mother

1:13you can see your pregnant belly looks

1:15like a little penis you have to figure

1:18but I promise to help along the way and

1:21be the best dad I can possibly be

1:23I can’t wait to meet this kid