In Antique, Philippines, a white stone has been making headlines for its mysterious ability to produce or ignite fire. The stone, which was initially discovered by a local resident, has become a subject of fascination for both the scientific community and the netizens.

Mystery Fire Stone
Screengrab from Facebook / Credits: KMJS

Eyewitness recount how the stone can suddenly burst into flame, or cause fire to erupt when it is rubbed or struck.

Videos documenting this strange phenomenon have been widely shared online, drawing the attention of researchers and journalists from every corner of the globe. Watch the video below:

“Nu’ng bata ako, ‘yung mother ko, mahilig mamulot ng bato.
Kaya habang lumalaki ako, ito rin ang nakahiligan ko.
Pero ‘yung iba, binibili ko.
Kagaya nu’ng sa kaibigan ko.
Tumawag siya sa akin noon.
‘Mayroon akong bato rito. Pasyal ka.’
‘Yung bato, nagke-create siya ng smoke!
Paglakas ng usok, magpo-produce ng fire!
Kakaiba talaga!
Kaya nagka-interes talaga ako!
Kahit saan mo ikutan dito sa buong planeta, hindi mo makikita, dito lang sa sa Pilipinas!”

Despite extensive examination, scientists remain at a loss to explain the peculiar properties of this stone.

Laboratory tests have identified it as a common mineral, but further study is required to unravel the secret behind its capacity to generate fire.

Some experts posit that the stone may contain a highly reactive element capable of producing sparks when rubbed or struck.

However, not all are satisfied with these scientific explanations.

Some local residents and online conspiracy theorists maintain that the stone possesses supernatural powers and was a gift from the gods.

Whether it is a natural phenomenon or a supernatural blessing, this white stone is sure to continue igniting curiosity and wonder for many years to come.

What do you think about the Mystery Fire Stone? Is it a natural occurrence with a scientific explanation, or does it have supernatural powers? Have you visited Antique to see the stone for yourself, or have you come across similar tales of mysterious stones elsewhere in the world?

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