Miss Universe Philippines 2023 competition officially opened on Saturday, February 18, as the organization announced its top 40 candidates who will be competing for the coveted crown.

This year’s batch of contestants includes several beauty pageant veterans, including Samantha Panlilio, who was crowned Miss Grand Philippines 2021, and Klyza Castro, who was named Mutya ng Pilipinas in 2019.

For the first time, the Miss Universe Philippines organization has also opened its doors to young mothers, with two candidates, Clare Dacanay and Mary Eileen Gonzales, joining the competition.

Here are full list of Miss Universe Philippines 2023 top 40 candidates:

  • Airissh Ramos
  • Alexandria Bautista Bollier
  • Avery Mariane Sucgang
  • Breanna Marie Evans
  • Christine Joyce Salcedo
  • Christiana Afia Yeboah
  • Chloei Darl Gabales
  • Christine Juliane Opiaza
  • Clariele Dacanay
  • Clare Sanchez Inso
  • Diane Mae Refugio
  • Dianne C. Padillo
  • Evangeline Fuentes
  • Hyra Desiree Betito
  • Iman Franchesca Cristal
  • Jan Mari Bordon
  • Jannarie Zarzoso
  • Joemay-an Leo
  • Kali Navea-Huff
  • Karen Joyce Olfato
  • Kimberlyn Jane Acob
  • Kimberly Escartin
  • Krishnah Marie Gravidez
  • Klyza Castro
  • Laicka Implamado
  • Layla Adriatico
  • Lesly Joy Sim
  • Louise Joy Gallardo
  • Mary Angelique Manto
  • Mary Eileen Palencia Gonzales
  • Michelle Dee
  • Nikki Justine Breedveld
  • Pauline Amelinckx
  • Princess Anne Marcos
  • Rein Hillary Carrascal
  • Samantha Alexandra Panlilio
  • Shayne Glenmae Maquiran
  • Vanessa Tse Wing
  • Vanessa Matzeit
  • Emmanuelle Fabienne Camcam

Miss Universe Philippines aims to empower women by providing a platform for them to showcase their intelligence, social awareness, and leadership skills. The contestants will go through several preliminary competitions and interviews before the coronation night, where the new Miss Universe Philippines will be crowned.

The coronation night for Miss Universe Philippines 2023 is yet to be announced.