South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in, known for his roles in the hit zombie film “#Alive” and the gripping series “Hellbound”, is undergoing an investigation by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on the grounds of alleged use of propofol. Propofol is a highly regulated drug in South Korea and is classified as a psychotropic drug under the country’s Narcotics Control Act, due to its potential to cause harm if misused or abused.

Yoo Ah-in
Credits to @hongsick / Instagram

According to Korean media, the investigation into Yoo’s propofol use was requested by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, which monitors the distribution of psychotropic drugs in the country. The ministry reportedly expressed concern over the frequency of Yoo’s prescriptions for propofol. The police are currently seeking the assistance of the National Forensic Service to examine Yoo’s hair to confirm whether he habitually used the drug.

Yoo’s agency, UAA, admitted that the actor was investigated by the police and stated that they are actively cooperating with the investigation. As a result of the investigation, Yoo has been banned from leaving South Korea.

The use of propofol has been linked to several high-profile cases, including the death of pop star Michael Jackson. In response to the abuse of propofol in South Korea, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety issued guidelines for its use, advising medical professionals to properly adjust the dose based on the patient’s weight and to check the patient’s usage history before prescribing.

Korean celebrities who have been found guilty of misuse of propofol in the past include actor Ha Jung-woo and singers Ga-in and Wheesung.

Yoo Ah-in is just the latest South Korean celebrity to come under scrutiny for their use of propofol. The country’s authorities are cracking down on the abuse of psychotropic drugs, and it remains to be seen what the outcome of Yoo’s investigation will be.

Following the investigation, Yoo Ah-in has been banned from leaving South Korea and remains under scrutiny by the authorities. The outcome of the examination of his hair by the National Forensic Service has not yet been released, and it is unclear what the results will reveal about his use of propofol.

In the meantime, Yoo’s fans and followers are expressing their support for the actor and their hope that the investigation will be resolved soon. Meanwhile, the entertainment industry in South Korea continues to closely follow the case, as the outcome could have significant implications for Yoo’s career and reputation.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s guidelines for the use of propofol are a reflection of the serious nature of the drug and its potential for abuse. It will be important to see how the authorities respond to this latest case of alleged propofol abuse and whether they will take any further steps to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

For now, all eyes are on Yoo Ah-in and the outcome of the investigation. The public is eagerly awaiting the results of the examination of his hair, and many are hoping that the truth will soon be revealed.