In a shocking announcement, K-pop girl group Momoland has officially disbanded after six years of being together. The group, known for their hit songs “Bboom Bboom” and “Baam,” have left their fans in a state of disbelief.

Momoland disbands
Photo of K-pop Girl Group Momoland / Credits: Soompi

On February 14, all six members of Momoland – Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy – took to their individual Instagram accounts to post identical handwritten letters in English, revealing their disbandment. The letters were brief, and the members expressed their gratitude towards their fans for their unwavering support and love throughout their journey.

First of all, we sincerely apologize to our Merries [MOMOLAND’s fans] facing the news through an article. We are truly sorry for the late update.

After a long, deep discussion, the six of us members have decided to support for each other to have a great new beginning going forward. 

Even though we have decided to take our own paths towards our dreams, Us MOMOLAND will always be a team.

We sincerely thank our beloved Merries for providing us with precious memories and being by our side for the last seven years. Our Merries have been everything to us and always will be. 

We are deeply sorry that we couldn’t let you guys know sooner, but sincerely thank each and everyone that have patiently waited for us.

Moving forward, please continue to support and love MOMOLAND and each and every member’s path.

Thank you.

Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy posted on their respective Instagram account
Nancy Momoland

This shocking announcement leaves fans wondering what could have led to such an abrupt end to the group’s successful run.

The announcement comes just a month after their agency, MLD Entertainment, disclosed that all six members of the group would be leaving following the expiration of their contracts. Fans were hopeful that the members would continue to work together, but it seems that wasn’t in the cards for the group.

Momoland made their debut in 2016 and quickly gained popularity in the K-pop industry. They released several chart-topping hits, and their unique sound and charismatic performances earned them a devoted fan base worldwide.

The news of their disbandment has left fans devastated, with many expressing their love and support for the members on social media. While it’s unclear what the future holds for the members of Momoland, fans are wishing them all the best in their future endeavors.

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