The voice-acting community has been rocked by yet another scandal, as allegations of inappropriate conduct have been made against voice actor Elliot Gindi – the voice behind the famous anime characters Tighnari in Genshin Impact and Billy in Pokemon. The accusations were first brought to light by a post on Twitter by user FretCore, who posted a Google Document that included statements from Gindi’s alleged victims.

The document contains disturbing messages between Gindi and his fans, depicting an unsettling image of the voice actor’s behavior. The author of the post, who was one of Gindi’s Twitch and Discord moderators, shared the information with the permission of those involved with the actor.

Elliot Gindi
Credits to HoYoverse, The Pokemon Company / sportskeeda

In response to the allegations, Gindi posted a lengthy apology on Twitter, acknowledging that his behavior was inappropriate. He claimed that he did not “knowingly” engage in any actions with anyone underage or show any disrespect towards any individual’s chosen pronouns, though these allegations were laid out in the Google Document.

The situation has sparked widespread outrage among fellow voice actors in the anime and gaming community. Voice actors Zach Aguilar and Erika Harlacher-Stone have both released statements condemning Gindi’s actions and have distanced themselves from the voice actor.

Genshin Impact VAs react over Elliot scandal
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As of now, there has been no official statement on the impact that this situation may have on Gindi’s roles in the industry. Gindi is best known for his work in Genshin Impact as Tighnari and has also overseen minor roles in Pokemon’s anime.

This is a developing story and further updates will be provided as they become available. The contents of the Google Document may be triggering and readers are advised to exercise caution before reading it in its entirety.

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