The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) recently announced the distribution of electronic land titles (e-titles) and land ownership certificates to a total of 1,500 agrarian reform beneficiaries in Western Visayas. The documents cover a total of 1,649.58 hectares of agricultural land, under the agency’s Support to Parcelization of Land for Individual Titling (SPLIT) project.

The distribution of e-titles and land ownership certificates aims to provide security of tenure to farmers and landowners. By providing formal documentation of land ownership, the government hopes to improve the economic lives of the agrarian reform beneficiaries in the region.

During the ceremony held in Passi City, Iloilo on Friday, DAR Secretary Conrado M. Estrella III assured the beneficiaries that the department will continue to provide more lands and necessary support services to help them improve their economic lives. “We will provide you with more lands and necessary support services to help you improve your economic lives,” he said.

Apart from the distribution of land titles, the department also turned over farm-to-market roads worth P100 million, and farm machineries and equipment worth P14.36 million to agrarian reform beneficiary organizations. These support services aim to boost the farmers’ productivity and income, as well as improve the delivery of agricultural products to the market.

The DAR’s efforts to distribute land titles and provide necessary support services are part of the agency’s commitment to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), which aims to distribute agricultural lands to landless farmers and promote social justice and rural development.

The distribution of land titles and support services in Western Visayas is a crucial step towards fulfilling the government’s commitment to CARP and promoting social justice and rural development in the region. With the distribution of e-titles and land ownership certificates, farmers and landowners can now focus on improving their economic lives, and the government can continue to provide necessary support to further boost their productivity and income.