Netizens are expressing their outrage over a recent incident involving popular actress and vlogger, Alex Gonzaga. The incident, which took place during her 35th birthday party, saw Alex smearing chocolate frosting on the face of a waiter who was holding her birthday cake.

The incident was captured in a video posted by Dani Baretto on Instagram stories and quickly went viral, with many netizens calling out Alex for her supposed misbehavior. Many criticized her actions, calling it “bastos” (rude) and “not funny at all.”

Alex Gonzaga cake frosting incident

Many also criticized Alex’s actions in relation to her public image as a religious person, noting that her behavior was hypocritical. Some even went as far as to call her a “hypocrite.”

The video was subsequently deleted from Instagram, but copies have since been posted on other social media platforms. Alex has yet to address or give an official statement on the incident.

As a society, it is important that we actively engage with stories like this and hold individuals in the public eye accountable for their actions. The recent incident involving Alex Gonzaga’s treatment of a waiter during her birthday party is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

It is not okay to treat service workers with disrespect, regardless of the circumstances. Service workers are an integral part of our communities and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

With that being said, I personally call on Alex Gonzaga to take responsibility for her actions and issue a public apology to the waiter involved in this incident. I also call on the public to hold her accountable for her behavior and to speak out against any form of mistreatment towards service workers. Together, we can create a culture of respect and kindness towards all members of our community.