TV host and businessman Willie Revillame is one of the senatorial bets of President Rodrigo Duterte in the upcoming 2022 national election. President Duterte wants Willie to run for senator under his political party as he believes in his capacity to serve the Filipino people especially the less fortunate. The president firmly believes in Willies charisma to the public as he can easily connect with the Filipino masses, hence represent them in the Senate. But the question is, will Willie Revillame answer the president’s call for him to run for a seat in the Senate?

“Matagal na tayong ‘di nagkita pero palagi kitang naaalala dahil gusto ko sanang maging senador ka,” President Duterte said in a video message to Revillame.

Willie Revillame for Senator
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Is Willie Revillame a good fit to run for Senator in 2022 Election?

In my opinion, I think Willie Revillame will be a good candidate to run for Senator. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Heart for the poor: Willie has been actively involved in charity works on and off camera. His TV program “Wowowin” in Kapuso network has been instrumental in helping many Filipinos. It seems that he knows the daily life of a Filipino and how to deal with Filipino masses. Willie Revillame is also known as an advocate of the poor and have utmost respect for the elderly, one of the reasons why he is loved by many.
  2. Willingness to help: Willie has been helping people who are in need. He will not make fun of someone if he or she does not have money or if he/she is not well-dressed. He will help them with his own money. I think this means that he extends help without condition. People can depend on him when they are in need of help.
  3. Love for the country: Willie Revillame has a great passion for his country – the Philippines. He loves and supports our frontliners fighting against the threats of COVID-19. I think that Willie will be very good at working in Senate if given the chance.

Watch the video message of President Duterte to Revillame below:

Video courtesy of GMA News

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