Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game (RPG) which includes the gameplay for both single players and multiplayer modes. The game was developed by a South Korean video game company named miHoYo and initially released in September of 2020. It has been available to play on all major platforms like Apple iOS, Android, Windows 10, OS X, and Nintendo Switch.

Genshin Impact RPG
Image credits to Genshin Impact / Twitter

With the recent announcement of miHoYo on Twitter and Facebook, Genshin Impact players will have the chance to redeem exclusive codes which can work across gaming platforms.

Here are the Genshin Impact exclusive redeem codes as of June 9:

  • GenshinEpic: A code for exclusive rewards that provides players with skins, backgrounds, and heroes. It is only available by playing on Epic Games Store for desktop computer or downloading the game on mobile devices via Samsung Galaxy Store.
  • GenshinGalaxy: A code you must not miss to celebrate the launch of Genshin Impact on Samsung Galaxy store that provides extra missions, costumes, a new hero – “Gao” exclusively for Galaxy users and more!

How to redeem Genshin Impact codes?

In redeeming Genshin Impact codes, the instructions may vary depending on which platform you are playing Genshin Impact on so make sure to check the app description as well as direct link from the store. But below is the easiest way to redeem Genshin Impact codes.

How to redeem codes in Genshin Impact?

  1. Player must reach Adventure Rank 10
  2. Log on to Genshin Impact promo code redeem portal at
  3. Next, select the server in which you play the game
  4. After which, user must enter the nickname of the character and promo code
  5. Lastly, press the REDEEM button!

Upon redeeming a code, you will receive an in-game reward item. However, keep in mind that the code can only be redeemed once and cannot be revoked. Certain redemption conditions also apply.

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