It’s a day of celebration for BTS, the seven-member boy band from Seoul that recently topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with their new single “Butter.” The first Korean act to do so on a full-length album, BTS joined big names or artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Dua Lipa who are all making waves in the entertainment and music industry.

BTS released Butter
Snapshot of BTS’ Butter music video. Courtesy of Hybe Labels / YouTube

The Billboard chart is one of many recognitions this group has received over the years and with six studio albums under their belt, they’re proving themselves as one of the most popular acts in k-pop today.

They’ve not only made it in Korea but also worldwide: an impressive feat for any young artist and testament to how far this globalized industry has come.

The Korean music industry has grown considerably over the years and it’s still an evolving market that is constantly adapting and changing with the times. BTS in particular has been leading the way with their unique brand of alternative K-pop, one that offers a break from the typical glamorous image of most overseas acts. They’re both talented and relatable, offering up a refreshing perspective on both their music and their style.

That’s not to say that they haven’t had help being recognized outside of Korea, though. Their American achievement is the result of a lot of hard work and perseverance. To top the Billboard Hot 100 chart, you need to have a good track record when it comes to both your music and your public profile.

Photo from the Official Facebook for BTS

Butter” is one of many singles that BTS has released in recent months but this time around, they made sure that their single was available on all the streaming sites. This ensured that their music was widely accessible for all fans across America and helped them reach new heights in terms of popularity.

The group’s fame isn’t just limited to America, though. They’ve toured the world and are extremely popular in Europe, having played sold-out concerts in all the major capitals of Europe including London, Berlin and Amsterdam. They’re also one of the few k-pop acts that are also getting recognized in their home country as well: 5 years after their debut, they continue to dominate the Korean music industry.

Here are the Top 10 tracks on the latest Billboard Hot 100 Chart:

The Billboard Hot 100 Chart is a ranking of songs based on radio airplay, sales and streaming. Billboard reports that BTS’ new single “Butter” is a milestone for not just K-pop but for Korean culture in general.