Are you one of the Valorant avid gamers? Though Riot Games has not made an official announcement yet, the public release of the highly anticipated mobile version of the popular battle royale game called Valorant has already been a hot topic in the mobile gaming community.

Valorant Mobile
Image from Riot Games

According to unconfirmed reports, Riot Games will name the mobile version of the game as “Valorant Mobile” once it will become available to the public. Valorant Mobile is currently being developed for Android and iOS devices. Riot Games is also gauging which markets or regions the game would best work in.

There’s also a speculation from a known game leaker “PlayerIGN,” he stated that Valorant Mobile is expected to be announced sometime in June 2021.

Battle royale games such as PUBG, Mobile Legends, etc. have already proven themselves to be a fan favorite among mobile gamers, so Riot getting their feet wet in the mobile battle royale arena could be an exciting move. I could see that Valorant Mobile once materialized would attract gamers and eventually grow the mobile gaming community.

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