A Mother’s Day surprise was prepared by the siblings in Barangay Pias, Porac, Pampanga for their 65-year-old mother named Aida Buan.

The siblings were able to come up with a “Money Balloon” surprise for their mother. This kind of surprise idea recently became trendy among Filipinos wherein a series of money is attached to the balloon and given as a gift to their loved ones.

Money Balloon Surprise on Mother's Day

During the time that the siblings pulled off the surprise for their mother, they were all shocked especially their mother when the money balloon flew into the sky. Their mother was definitely surprised by what they did, at the same time regretful because the money attached to the balloon was all gone.

The siblings later admitted that what money balloon surprise was just part of their prank and the money attached to the balloon that flew away was just play money. They eventually handed their mother the 4,000 pesos as a gift in celebration of Mother’s Day.

The video that became viral on social media was uploaded by Lea DaVinci Buan Carlos and it was captioned “Mothers day surprise gone wrong.” As of this writing, the said viral video already has over 2 million views on Facebook. Watch the video below.

The siblings also stated that they loved to give surprises to their beloved mommy Aida especially surprises that became trendy or viral online, such as money bouquet and money cake. They said that giving surprises is one way to show their love to their mother.

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