Filipino fans of Rabiya Mateo have been going crazy lately after they noticed that Rabiya’s long-time boyfriend, Neil Salvacion, has deleted their couple photos on his Instagram account. This immediately sparked rumors that the couple broke up.

Rabiya and Neil
Photo courtesy of Neil Salvacion / Instagram

Amid the breakup rumors circulating on social media, Netizens linked the former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Andre Brouillette as the third party as the two were spotted having a bonding moment abroad.

Rabiya Mateo and Andre Brouillette

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo has recently posted on her IG story a video of Andre dining in a restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Are Rabiya Mateo and Andre Brouillette exclusively dating? Both did not express their sides yet on the issue, but this is something their fans and followers are excited to find out.

The speculation around the rumored break up of Rabiya with her boyfriend Neil Salvacion is yet to be cleared. So stay tuned for updates on this issue. We will be posting the developments on this issue as the story unfolds.